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Sign Bill's Guestbook or view what others have posted, by clicking on the above links.  Let's "talk it up".


Do you have any stories you would like to share?  Like the day Bill ripped out the seat of his pants and had to go to WalMart to buy a new pair.....ask him about this the next time you see him! 
Or would you like to share your story about the first time you met Bill?   Or maybe tell us about something special Bill did for someone.  I know he makes everyone feel very special.  He has that personal touch. 
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6/26 ~ It gets better and better each time Bill's performs!!
           ~ Marilyn Gannon ~ Schenectady, Ny ~
6/26 ~ I've been watching Bill since he first sang at the Lake George Elvis Fest.  He was good then, but evern better now!
           ~ Donna Stamper ~ Queensbury, Ny ~

11/23 ~
We have had the pleasure of seeing Bill at this year's BBQ in Knox, NY and at the Siver Restaurant at Pine Haven Country Club.  We thoroughly enjoyed his performances!  We are friends with Les and Donna Hassan and attend the same church as they do.  We are looking forward to future shows.
        ~  Barbara Freer and Robert Hoffman ~ Albany, NY ~

9/12 ~
Bill is the greatest and so, so handsome and very entertaining!
        ~ Patricia Labombard ~ Pattersonville, NY ~

2/22 ~ Bill has shared a email he received for one of his loyal fans ~
Hi my Darlings,

Just wanted to say, what a wonderful time, I had this evening at your, oh so wonderful show!!  I know, I can speak for everyone, we all had a great time, (as usual!!)

I have been to many shows in my days, and I can't remember ever, leaving a show so blessed!!  You have such a blessing, and I am so thankful for getting to know you, and to be in your presense, and having you for a friend!!  I know you probably think I am crazy, but, it is so true!!
I just love to watch you, with people, young, old, georgous and some not so georgous, ( ha ha ). You just brighten up everyone's life for being in it!!
Just to see the happiness you give to everyone, is truly a blessing from the good Lord above!!

You have such a beautiful spirit, you just lighten up the room when you are in it!!
Keep up the great work, and never change, you are the greatest in my book  :-)))
Again, thank you for all of the joy you bring into all of our lives!!
Have a blessed day!!
     ~ Love, Cathie ~ xo ~

1/8 ~ We've had so much fun and good times since going to Bill's "Elvis Tribute" shows. 
I want to share how our beginning started, I think its halarious!   First, myself met Bill at Home Depot a few years ago, excitingly told Donna about Bill as "Elvis" but all was very low key "so so".
January 2008, the salad bar of OCB I said to Donna "look on the other side of the salad bar". Now seeing Bill in person took a whole different focus!
Later with just Bill and myself at the salad bar, I asked Bill if I needed my HD hat on for him to recognize me?  "No, I recognize you Les".  Told him although Donna had known about him, she was joyed to see him!  Bill asked, "where is she?"  I pointed her out, Bill went there and said "Hi Donna" , Donna turned back to the 16 yr old teen of the 50's, SPEECHLESS!
 When I got back to the booth, Bill asked me what I'm doing for Valentine Day for my wife, encouraged me to take her out to a dinner/show at Michael's, with him will be Neil Diamond (AL Bruno, also Great Job!)  Had a fabulous time!
Ever since then we have been hooked on Bill.
We've enjoyed our 48th anniversary at the fan club Christmas Party, what a great show by Marion and Bill, and dancing to Elvis singing "I want You, I need You, I love You"!  Wow.......the 50's again!
    ~ Les and Donna ~ 

1/3 ~ Good, fun shows!
                   ~ Phyllis Bullock ~ Sprakers, NY ~

12/15 ~ I want to thank Bill and Marion for providing the fan club with an EXCELLENT party for Bill's fan club members.  The mold was broken the day Bill was born. I'm truly honored to be a part of his fan club.  
Oh, almost forgot, what a HOTTY!!!!
        ~ Chris ~

12/14 ~ Well, today is the day after our first Fan Club Party!!
What a grand time we all had, I know I can speak for everyone!!
First of all, Linda Cepela, you do such a great job, with all that you do for our fan club, my hat is off to you!!  (Thank you Cathie, but I couldn't do it without the help of Lynda and Betsey!)
Need I tell you what a great time I had??  I just love the clock, you made up for a raffle prize. I so wished to own it, never really dreamed I would win it, and when my #065, was called I almost fell off my chair, I was so excited, I felt like I hit the lottery!!  If anyone needs to know the time, just give me a call  :-))))
"Marion" and "Billy", put on such a nice show for all of us!!  Thank you so very much!!  A fun filled day, for all of us!!
Like Les said, what a grand year it has been for all of us, loving "Billy", and all of us coming together with one common interest, to have fun, and to keep Elvis's spirit alive!!  (and done so well, I might add!!)  We have had a lot of fun this past year, since the Fan Club started up and we all started going to Billy's shows!!
What a Beautiful thing!!!  We are truely blessed!!!
I can't wait till the next show, till the next show!!!
        ~ Love, Cathie Lavarnway ~

12/4 ~  That Sunday at the Craft Fair (Essex) was such a special time for me. 
When Bill sang to me, I felt like I was the only person in the room - so special!  We older folks need moments like that on occasion.  Have a great Holiday!
     ~ Mary Hill......Winooksi, Vt ~

You must admit, Elvis is "electrifying"! Bill brings out this electricity in His tribute.
His personality and His character definitely is a great tribute to Elvis. We Love Him.  Always a great time.
      ~ Les & Donna ~

11/23 ~ I just wanted to say, what a great time we had at the Perthshire on the 19th!! There was over 12 of us in our little group. We got split up, as there was so many of us, but we had a great time as usual!!
We all love and enjoy Billy, so much!! He's such a dear!
A fun time had by all!!
So looking forward to our Fan Club party, and the Christmas show on the 5th of December!!
Everyone have a blessed holiday season!!
        ~ Cathie Lavarnway ~

11/20 ~ We enjoyed Bill's shows at the Essex Craft Show in late October.  Sherry and I are hoping to see him there again.  My husband is also an "Elvis" fan and would like to see Bill's performances.  He is so much like the "real thing!"
              ~ Debbie Patenaude......Saint Albans, Vt ~

11/19 ~ I just love that Boy.......
                ~ Aunt Mare ~
                 ~ Betty Huffmire......Broadalbin, NY ~
11/19 ~ GREAT!!!!
                 ~ Ina Huyben......Broadalbin, NY ~

10/31 ~ He looks alot like Elvis on stage.
                ~ Fay Coons......Hudson, NY ~

10/26 ~ This gentleman is FABULOUS. Come back here - PLEASE!
                 ~ Sheryl Jean Osgood......Burlington, VT ~ 

10/26 ~ Very Good!
             ~ Mary Hill......Winooski, VT ~

10/25 ~ Kay has many challenges, but enjoys Bill's performances.  We will hire Bill for Kay's birthday.
                     ~ Kay's friend......Winooski, VT ~

10/11 ~ I've know Bill for some time now and from the time he was just a little boy he loved music.  I can recall seeing him at the age of 3 or 4, standing in front of me dressed in his little suit jacket , hair combed straight up in the air, with his little plastic guitar in hand singing his heart out.  I knew then, this little guy is going to be an entertainer.  He is as precious now as he was then.  Bill has a gift...he's genuine, talented, honest and has a great appreciation for life. 
                   ~ Nana......(Bill's Aunt Mare) ~

10/8 ~ I can't wait to be a member!  Billy's an awesome entertainer and musician.  Tell him Jailhouse Rock.
                       ~ Jen Meyring......Schenectady, NY ~

10/4 ~ To quote Bill...."If I can make just one person happy through my performance, than I have done much.". . . . . .   And that he did!  There was a young lady there with a group of people, and from the minute she saw Bill, she was in awe!  She came up to me and said that she wanted his picture and his autograph.  I asked if she had a camera and she did not.  So I gave her one of Bill's pictures that I had with me.  I walked her up to Bill and introduced her.  Her name is Yvette.  All she could do was just stand there and look at him.  I told her to go ahead and hug him, that he wouldn't break.  And she did!  Bill autographed her picture and I walked her back to her seat.  Words can not describe how happy Bill made her!!  The "Bill charm" has done it again. 
But this was not the end of her surprises.  During one of his songs, he got down on his knees and sang directly to her.   Again, all she could do was look at him.  And then to top that off, during another song, he reached his hand out to her asking her to dance!!   It was so awesome !!  I'm sure she will remember this day for a very long time. 
When Yvette was leaving, she came up to me and asked me to give Elvis a kiss for her.  I felt, as his fan club President, it was my obligation to make his fans I did!!   Sigh.....All in a day's work!! ..........   ~ Linda ~

8/25 ~ My first actual business meeting with BILL to discuss his brand new Career was about four years ago at Delmonico's Steak House on Central Avenue in Albany, N.Y.    BILL couldn't even take a bite of his Steak without an admiring woman coming over to our table to ask him for either an autograph or a photo.!     I knew at that meeting BILL had the charisma and the looks to become a powerful force in the ELVIS TRIBUTE  Music Business.   However  BILL has an uncanny ability to be himself and this I feel is what sets him apart from the plethera of tribute artists.
                            ~ Colonel Don Bowers ~

8/16 ~ I already have reservations for the Oct. 31st show and I have 11 of us coming to see him.  We are spreading the word about how good he is as much as we can.  I also plan on signing up for the Dec. 5th show.  We are also planning on seeing him at Colonie center at Macy's on Sept. 20th. Don't want to miss any of them.                   
                            ~ Donna Hassan......Esperance, Ny ~

8/12 ~ Bill is wonderful.  He really makes Elvis come alive.  He has the nicest personality.  He is no nice to everyone & makes them feel special.  Can't say enough about him. WE LOVE HIM!
                          ~ Donna & Les Hassan......Esperance, Ny ~

7/28 ~ Thanks so much for starting a fan club for Dear Sweet Billy.
                       ~ Cathie Lavarnwy......Schenectady, Ny ~
                       ~ Linda Teal ......Scotia, Ny ~

7/20 ~ I remember a fund raiser show that Bill did in my area.  There were tents and game booths set up all over   Bill was under one of the tents performing.  He was only suppose to perform for a couple of hours.  We were all absorbed in the great time we were having watching him and he was having such a great time, that his tent was the last one standing.   Finally the person in charge of the fund raiser came over and told us that the show had to stop because it was dark and all the other tents were down.  We didn't even notice.  It's so great that he just didn't stop when his time was up.  He's all about his fans and making sure that they have a great time. ~ Christine ~

7/19 ~ Who wouldn't want to join Bill's fan club!
                     ~ Lynda White.....Wallingford, Vt ~

7/14 ~ Bill is a great performer!
                      ~ Betsey Ingleston.....Poultney, Vt ~